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Theodore (Ted) Resnick, GG

What is a Gemologist/Appraiser?
When buying Jewelry or a Diamond or Gemstone or high quality gold have you ever wondered who decides its value?
Who evaluates the grade of the gem?
The answer is a qualified Gemologist/Appraiser.
A Gemologist/Appraiser is a person that is not only qualified, but certified in the area of grading the quality of diamonds and gemstones. They are a graduate of an institution of higher learning in the area of Gemology and Appraising. Gemologists are degree certified, have a Geo science knowledge base and can be found working in auction houses, mines, appraisal offices or custom designing jewelry. They also are very familiar with the value in the market place.
If you are looking to purchase high quality gold, gemstones or diamonds, a certified Gemologist/Appraiser is a must! They will be able to identify color, clarity, weight, and internal and external characteristics to ensure the value and worth is correct in the world market.
At Reznikov’s Fine Jewelry, Ted Resnick has over 30 years of experience as a Gemologist/Appraiser. He is a graduate from The Gemological Institute of America in 1983, with several degrees and has been active full time in the field of Gemology for over three decades. His relationships are with some of the most prestigious diamond and gemstone suppliers in the world.
All Jewelry and Gemological products from Reznikov’s Fine Jewelry come with a certified appraisal at no additional cost to you.